Dried Herbs, Roots, Flowers

If you're looking for a particular dried herb that isn't listed, contact us and let us know you're after as we have access to many more herbs than are currently listed. Our herbs are purchased from a local supplier who sells local and imported botanicals. You can buy our herbs in 10g net (ziplock bags), 150g net (small jars) and 100g net bulk (ziplock bags). We provide a mixture of conventional, wildcrafted and organic herbs and flowers that can be used in teas, food, herb magick, soap, candle making and more. 

Contact us for larger wholesale orders.


We are an online New Age store offering a range of alternative products, unique gifts and supplies for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Where possible our products are ethically sourced, sustainable, cruelty free and organic - from mother earth and charged with cosmic energy.

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